Hyaluronic Acid and Trypan Blue
Selective tissue staining Hyaluronic Acid for ophthalmic use

Pe-Ha-Blue® is the latest innovation in Albomed's viscoelastic product family. It has been developed to make ophthalmic surgeries quicker, simpler and saver. Pe-Ha-Blue® innovatively combines the superior viscoelastic Pe-Ha-Luron® F and the well known selective tissue staining agent Trypan Blue. Pe-Ha-Blue® safely stains ophthalmic tissues - and therefore - enhances the visibility of the lens capsule and host cornea during cataract and cornea transplant surgery. Furthermore Pe-Ha-Blue® supports the intraoperative control if the viscoelastic has been removed completely. Pe-Ha-Blue® is provided in a sterile ready to use syringe and allows the concurrent administration of viscoelastic and dye.

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