ALBOMED® GmbH is one of the leading and most innovative companies in medical technology in Germany. For almost 20 years ALBOMED® has been a market leader in developing and producing medical products, especially in the ophthalmology and orthopaedic sectors.

The company's core competence is the development and production of viscoelastic substances and medical irrigation solutions. Our portfolio is completed by intraocular lenses, injectors, sterile one-time items such as cannulas and syringes, and additional accessories.

Depending on the application area the requirements on viscoelastic substance and medical irrigation solutions vary tremendously with regard to physical characteristics, dosage form and quantity as well as other parameters. Since every patient is different, there is no one perfect product for all application areas. For these reasons, in addition to a wide and varied portfolio of standard products, ALBOMED® also develops and produces viscoelastics and irrigation solutions according to your own individual requirements and specifications.

Well-known suppliers of medical and pharmaceutical products from more than 40 countries trust in our professional competence from development to production.

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Hyaluronic Acid and Trypan Blue
Selective tissue staining Hyaluronic Acid for ophthalmic use

Pe-Ha-Blue® is the latest innovation in Albomed's viscoelastic product family. It has been developed to make ophthalmic surgeries quicker, simpler and saver. Pe-Ha-Blue® innovatively combines the superior viscoelastic Pe-Ha-Luron® F and the well known selective tissue staining agent Trypan Blue. Pe-Ha-Blue® safely stains ophthalmic tissues - and therefore - enhances the visibility of the lens capsule and host cornea during cataract and cornea transplant surgery. Furthermore Pe-Ha-Blue® supports the intraoperative control if the viscoelastic has been removed completely. Pe-Ha-Blue® is provided in a sterile ready to use syringe and allows the concurrent administration of viscoelastic and dye.